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In February 2013 there was an exhibition at Turner Contemporary featuring work by the artists Rosa Barba, Carl Andre and JMW Turner.

Prior to the exhibition, visitors to the centre had been given the opportunity to examine and critique three of the exhibits.

• Rosa Barba – Boundaries of consumption
• Carl Andre – 4×25 Altstadt Rectangle
• JMW Turner – Spheres at Different Distances from the Eye

The discussion between the visitors was part of an experiment using Philosophical Inquiry.

Julian Marshall, from MLM Learning Design, directed and produced this short film.

Role: Editor / 2nd Camera


In 2010, a competition was opened up to interior designers across Colorado. The challenge was to design an interior for one of the apartments at Spire, a new development in Denver. From the many designs submitted, three finalist were chosen. Armed with their designs and $15000, each finalist was given an empty apartment at Spire and just a few weeks to bring their design to life.

‘The Designer Within’ is a six part series that follows the competition.

As well as editing the programmes, I put this PBS teaser together.

Role: Editor


Aviation archaeology has developed a bad reputation over the years. A small number of souvenir hunters have plundered WWII crash sites across the UK for any memento they can lay their hands on, either to keep as part of a private collection or to sell on.

‘Plane Clothed Detective’ sets out to gain a better understanding of aviation archaeology through the eyes of historian Bob Collis, who investigates crash sites across Norfolk and Suffolk.

The documentary was broadcast regularly on Discovery and is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

This excerpt features a dig at the crash site of a Stirling bomber.

Role: Editor


There is a wooded area at Shircombe Slade near Dulverton, Somerset. The regimented trees and the autumn sunshine offer a mystical and calming feel.

I thought I would try and capture the atmosphere of this secluded area.

Role: Camera / Editor / Composer