Starting from £520

I have been involved in media production over the past 22 years and have been looking at branching out into wedding videography. I have already filmed a few events but am looking to film more weddings to build up my portfolio.

I am therefore offering my services at a reduced rate for a limited time. If you would like to find out more then contact me via the form at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

my filming style

My approach to filming is very much “fly-on-the-wall”. I see my role as documenting the day. Although I do use certain equipment to produce some stylised shots, I want to keep it “real”. But each video will develop its own character depending upon the theme of the wedding, what happens on the day and what I am able to capture.

With the wedding video for Flo and Wes, it was a great opportunity to include some music from the band Rough Chowder, who performed at the wedding. They were also friends of the bride and groom. Their music complemented some of the fun moments of the day. The highlights video, shown here, is an illustration of this.

A professional approach

Over the years I have accumulated many hours of experience in filming and editing videos for professional projects. I carry that professionalism into this work. My filming experience, especially from working in education, requires me to be discrete in order to allow the contributors to feel comfortable when a camera is around. I believe this is an essential ingredient for wedding videos as the guests will want to enjoy the day and be themselves whilst being filmed.


Starting From £520*

For £520 you get my filming services for the whole day. I usually arrive early to capture the setup, some location shots and, of course, bridal preparations. I then film throughout the day and will leave after I’ve captured the first dance and some snazzy moves on the dance floor.

Your wedding video will contain the service, the speeches and musical montages of other moments during the day. The final edit will be approximately 40-50 minutes long; this will depend on the length of the service, the speeches and what else I am able to capture. The video will be presented on a USB stick.

*There may be an additional cost for travel/accommodation, depending on the location.

Some background

My journey into producing wedding videos began, whilst living in Surrey, when the opportunity came along to film a wedding for what I thought would be a one-off. By this time I had already been involved in video production for over 14 years, filming in busy environments and spending many hours in an editing suite

I felt very much at home filming the event as it naturally drew upon the skills I had developed. More importantly, I enjoyed the experience; it is fun filming people having a great time.

Whilst I continued to focus on growing other areas of my work, I started to receive interest from family and friends who had attended the wedding. They had seen the final video and wanted me to film their special day. What they especially enjoyed about that video was how the edit was true to the event. I had kept it “real”.

Although I am now based in Devon, I continue to receive enquiries from couples in the South East and in August, 2021, filmed at Woodlands Park Hotel, Cobham, Surrey.

However, I am looking to build the wedding side of my business more locally by offering service to couples base in Devon and the South West region.