A great deal of my editing work has focussed on teaching and learning. The kinds videos I have edited are generally used for professional development, research and events.

Editorially, I am often working with a great deal of video material as filming for some projects might take place at various locations around the country. For each location there maybe up to 4 sessions plus interviews with teachers and learners. And on top of that it may be a two camera shoot! In these particular instances, I have generally been the one operating the 2nd camera.

In the role of video editor, it is then my task to ensure the sequences to meet the brief. On larger projects it is not unusual to produce 10 to 20 videos, sometimes more, delivering approximately 2 hours worth of video.

It is vital to be organised with the material and disciplined in watching and marking up all the footage before the process of putting it all together begins.

To find out more about my media work in education, I have a dedicated website at In the meantime, below is a small selection of this work.


The purpose of the Maths Pipeline Project was to support teaching and learning of mathematics for GCSE, and the Post-16 vocational and Secure Sector provision.

As part of the project a series of 26 videos were produce. These were to be used to stimulate discussion during professional development training sessions.

Filming for these videos took place across the country in colleges, training centres and work place settings.

My primary role was to edit the videos and provide filming support as 2nd camera operator. I also directed some of the filming.

The project was commissioned by the Education & Training Foundation (ETF) and was developed by the MEI (Mathematics, Education and Innovation), and The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

This is an excerpt from one of the commissioned videos. It features college students taking part in a GCSE algebra lesson. As well editing the video I directed the filming for this particular shoot.


FaSMEd is a Science in Society Collaborative Project of the European Community.

The project was led by Newcastle University, with researchers across eight countries, looking at how technology could be used in formative assessment by teachers to help raise attainment levels among the lowest achieving students.

I edited four videos including this case study from Thomas More.


Bowland Maths is involved in producing problem-solving activities, which are designed for teachers to use with learners aged 11-14. The purpose is to help learners develop the mathematical skills needed for everyday life.

To support teachers and trainers in using the activities, there are 7 Professional Development modules, which have been developed by Professor Malcolm Swan from the University of Nottingham.

Each module contains a series of videos, featuring teachers and learners using the Bowland Maths activities. I was responsible in editing 20 of these videos for two of the modules, focusing on assessment. I also worked as 2nd camera during filming.

This video features learners and their teacher sharing experiences in assessing student answers to one of the problem solving activities.


I worked the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) as was involved in producing of over 100 videos. Their purpose was to support both CPD and online learning.

My main role was video editor but I also supported some of the filming as 2nd camera.

Some of this work involved producing a series of lessons, producing the graphics, supporting the script writing and providing the voice over. The example shown here is on the topic of population and sampling.


The kinds of corporate videos I have produced include product demonstrations, case studies and staff training.

My role in many of the these projects go beyond being just the editor. It also includes being the media producer, videographer and director.

I want to ensure I can confidently meet the brief of a project, so each project begins with a sit down with the client. What is the project? What is the purpose of the video? Where is it going to be shown? Where are the filming locations? What is the deadline? What is the budget?

I will then plan for the production. My skills as an editor really help as I can visualise how the final video is going to work. I need to make sure I ask the right questions in any interviews and capture all the necessary footage that supports the message of the final edit.


The eatz4U programme was an initiative developed by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) to encourage healthy eating in schools.

I produced a case study video to help promote the service to schools and Local Educational Authorities across the country.

The video shown here is an excerpt from that case study.


The competition is open to all Aramark staff. This video was produced to advertise the competition and encourage more staff members to get involved.

I filmed the Chef of the Year 2014/15 and 2015/16 finals.

I wanted to capture the professionalism and the standard of the chefs’ work as well as the pressure and intensity of the competition.


“The Purpose” is a company-wide initiative to get department teams at Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) to focus on how they work with their customers.

The video was to feature staff members from across different teams. It was shown at the UFS annual conference.

Here is the opening sequence from that video.

A video created for instagram.


This is a recent, ongoing project [2022] working with the owner of a detailing business that wants to grow his social media presence.

With the filming and editing, I wanted to showcase the quality of RP Detailing’s work, understand more about the detailing processes and attempt to bring out the character of its owner and have a bit of fun.

It has offered me the opportunity to engage more in the production of content for platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Excerpt from a video create for YouTube.


Although most of my work is based in the world of the education and corporate sectors, I do get the opportunity to work on slightly different projects.

A still taken from the series, ‘RV Revival’. [Currently in production]


I began my editing career at ‘Cheese and Crackers’ and despite the company relocating to the United States I have worked on various projects as video editor and script writer, putting remote working to the test.

Initially, for larger projects, the footage was couriered over but with evolutions in technology I have been able to access large amounts of smaller files via the Cheese and Crackers server.

I am currently working as video editor on a project called RV Revival [2022]. It is a 6 part series following the work of Timeless Travels, based in Denver, who restore Airstreams in various creative and imaginative ways.

Previous projects include the Designer Within, which follows three finalist in a interior design competition being held at Spire, Denver. This was also a 6 part series which I helped edit. I also put together this teaser trailer from the brief, “Could you put together a teaser trailer, please?”

Teaser trailer for the series, ‘The Designer Within’.


This is a short video featuring visitors involved in a group discussion, as part of an experiment using Philosophical Inquiry.

The discussion focuses on three exhibits by the artists Rosa Barba, Carl Andre, and JMW Turner.

Prior to the exhibition, visitors to the centre had been given the opportunity to examine and critique three of the exhibits:

Rosa Barba – Boundaries of consumption
Carl Andre – 4×25 Altstadt Rectangle
JMW Turner – Spheres at Different Distances from the Eye